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Small top crypto huge hype

BTC clearly foreshadows, it has always been that way. BUT, the other cryptos can follow suit very much and overtake BTC tremendously. In the picture you can see an example. BTC tripled its value from January 2016 to April 2017 (blue line), while XRP remained roughly constant during this period, with relatively small fluctuations.


Look at what happened after that. XRP suddenly jumped from 0,006$ more than sixfold to 0,042$ and after a small correction remained at the $ 0.033 level. Suddenly XRP had a bigger increase than BTC.


That became even more blatant afterwards (not visible in the picture). Because XRP rose from January 2016 to the ATH on the 570-fold. BTC, however, only 45 times to his ATH. That's also logical, because actually the smaller coins are more volatile than BTC. They fall much more in the bear market, but they rise much more for the ATH.


For that reason one should not underestimate the small coins. They could suddenly rise and nobody knows when that will happen. Therefore: With smaller cryptos, the profit can be much higher than with bitcoin. 

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