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Can new cryptos come up? 

One of the most impressive thing about the crypto market in recent months is the fact that relatively new cryptos have risen higher and higher in the ranking. The best examples so far are Chainlinl (LINK), Tezos (XTZ) and (CRO), which made it into the top and have displaced long-established cryptos. This clearly shows that new cryptos can also manage to get to the top and if you bet on the right ones, then you have enormous chances of winning. But there are now over 5,000 cryptos and only a few make it.


Which cryptos make it up?

The cryptos that reach the masses will certainly do that offering an advantage that everyone recognizes without knowledge of the markets, financial world and technology. For that marketing is needed, because marketing does nothing else than bringing people closer to the benefits of products. No matter whether the products are complex or simple.

Tezos (XTZ) for example offers 5% interest and thus this crypto attracts an incredible number of investors. Another example is (CRO), this token even offers 20% interest and thus attracts tons of people. Because of this, these two cryptos have been very successful so far and probably will be very successful in the future.


That can be done even better like a new fantastic crypto development project does reaching the masses even before market launch. It already inspired over 9 million people in 1.5 years offering a great advantage without any costs. Such enthusiasm has never triggered crypto before. It is Pi Network and everyone can get this cryptos for free.

Because of this success, there are now imitators. The TimeStope project started in October 2020. Here also free mining via app and also everyone can participate. However, this project is so young that currently no judgment can be made about the quality.


Read more here.

What is the conclusion?

Rely on the crypto projects that not only focus on technology, but also offer people easily recognizable advantages and do good marketing.

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