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The alts can escape the shadow of Bitcoin

The only reason why Bitcoin became so successful was because it was the first and the media drew attention to it. The media have made Bitcoin very popular. Bitcoin isn't so successful because it has the best technology. Other cryptos have a much better technology and yet bitcoin dominates the market. The reason for this success is the high level of awareness. So if a crypto wants to be a serious competitor to Bitcoin, then the crypto in question must become as popular as Bitcoin. And that no longer works like Bitcoin. The crypto projects should not wait for the media to discover them and make them known. The media only did it with Bitcoin because the Bitcoin was the first. All the other crpto projects have to be active themselves and do marketing. 


Some crypto projects have understood that. Tezos (XTZ), for example, is still quite new. Nevertheless, it is already established under the top coins through a clever marketing strategy that has made it to number 11 in market capitalization (as of June 8, 2020). XTZ only came onto the market in mid-2018, so this Coin has overtaken much older cryptos like DASH or XLM (Stellar), which started mid-2014. XTZ convinces the investors with its excellent marketing offering the XTZ owners receives 5% interest on all coins that they keeps e.g. on binance. Another example is ADA Cardano, which has planned a professional marketing campaign with the elite agency McCann. This campaign will probably lead to an increase in the demand for ADA and thus to an increase in prices. (These examples are for illustration only, this is not an investment advice).

These coins and others that do it similarly do an excellent job and therefore have a very good chance of great growth. But it can go even better. Because crypto projects can start marketing even earlier while the coin is being developed. In this sense, a new excellent crypto project currently has the best marketing strategy. This project already inspired over 9 million people to date and a large number of new people are added every day, who previously had nothing to do with cryptos. This is possible because people have a great advantage when they participate. Such enthusiasm has never triggered crypto before. Read more here.


With solid marketing, cryptos can escape the bitcoin shadow

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