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Will there be a new All Time High? 

Even at the end of 2017, unimaginable sums of money were required to reach that all-time high. These sums of money would have to grow much more to generate a new all-time high. The sums are so huge that a new all-time high without the enthusiasm of a large number of additional people and Institutions seems impossible.

What are the chances that many institutions will invest in crypto?

This is already happening, a big stone has started to roll. Bitcoin is increasingly viewed as a store of value by institutions. You can see it from the rapidly increasing number of the Bitcoin investing institutions. This number Doubled in 2020 (read more here) and is expected to be just the beginning. This will have an enormous effect on price development because institutions invest very large amounts of money. 


Is it expected that the cryptos will reach the masses?


This can only happen by offering an advantage that EVERYONE recognizes without knowledge of the markets, financial world and technology. The key to this is marketing, because marketing does nothing else than bringing people closer to the benefits of products. No matter whether the products are complex or simple.

And indeed, crypto publishers are recognizing this more and more. An example of Marketing: ADA will launch a huge marketing campaign with the renowned agency McCann. There are currently around 385 thousand ADA wallets and it is expected that this number will increase significantly as soon as this marketing campaign is carried out. Another example: XTZ attracts many people over the 5% interest distributions. 


Third example of how to reach the masses is a new excellent crypto project, that already inspired over 7 million people to date and a large number of new people are added every day, who previously had nothing to do with cryptos. The reason for this is that everyone who takes part has no costs, but a great advantage. Such enthusiasm has never triggered crypto before. It is Pi Network and everyone can get this cryptos for free. Read more here.

What is the conclusion?

If that works and these coins will be successful, then an avalanche could be launched and the development of cryptos into a global means of payment could be unstoppable. Because people and business yearn for freedom and independence from the banks or lobby politics. The entire crypto market could follow and we could have nothing less than a revolution in the financial industry with a huge new All Time High.

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